"Ed Sheeran can sing anything and I'd buy it"

"Ed Sheeran can sing anything and I'd buy it"

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Afgelopen week zong Ed Sheeran een aantal korte covers op de Tonight Show. Zo zong hij Iron Maiden's Run to the Hills en Paranoid van Ty Dolla $ign.

Buiten dat Ed Sheeran een goedlopende carriere met zijn eigen liedjes heeft, zijn we ook fan van zijn covers. Zo coverde hij eerder al Christina Aguilera's Dirrty. Opmerkingen onder de video's?

"Ed Sheeran could sing anything and I'd buy it."

"Ed Sheeran could read the ingredients list from a breakfast cereal box and it would be awesome."

"Taylor Swift and Beyonce fight for Queen. I knew this. Ed Sheeran, however, just definitely became King."

"Evidence that Ed can make any song his own! His entire live lounge was incredible. And the fact he only learnt this the previous night, well, that clearly demonstrates his INSANE talent!"

"Easily the best live performer today. Sounds identical to the album version."

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