Je iPhone als minitheater

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Oude en nieuwe techniek gecombineerd: 3d ervaring op je iPhone zonder gekke bril, maar met een opzet-spiegeltje. 'While advances in 3D technology are emerging every year, some of the early 3D techniques still have their place. The palm top theatre is a simple device that slides onto iphones and transform the 2D screen images into 3D scenes. Nicknamed the i3dg, the device uses the peppers ghost technique to create the 3D image of animation. This technique uses mirrors to bounce the images from the screen onto glass which once layered creates the illusion of space. The i3dg was invented by jitsuro mase and produced by directions, inc. the device requires no special glasses to view it or any special equipment to create the images or animations.'

Zelf content maken? V2 organiseert in februari een workshop. (inschrijven voor 20 november)

(Dank IJspiratie)

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